Professional Sales Programme

Course Duration: Seven Weeks
(inclusive of introductory session)

Become masters of selling by learning how to identify specific customer needs and wants and turning prospective business opportunities into an actual sale. This is a Sales Course for seasoned Sales Professionals and Executives.

Module Overview

Module 1

The True Salesperson

–   Why People Buy
–   Product Knowledge
–   What is Selling?

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–   My Selling Skills
–   Self Analysis
–   Room for Improvement

Module 2

Developing A
Game Plan

–  Pre-Call Preparation
–  Territory  Planning, Prospecting
–  Value Assessment
–  Decision Maker Assessment
–  Post-Call Analysis
–  Ideal Client

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Construct a Profile – ICP
– Write a Call Strategy
– Make a Call

Module 3

Selling Benefits

–  Delivering a Value Proposition
–  How Are You Helping Your Client?
–  Why Your Company? (differentiators)

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Comprehension Check
–  Competition Analysis
–  Differentiators Worksheet
–  Performance Test

Module 4

Promising &

–  Customer Retention – how to keep
your clients
–  Don’t Overpromise
–  Hard Sales vs Easy Buy

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Overpromise – Examples
–  Basic Core Services
–  Up-sale in practice

Module 5

How To Deal
With Resistance

–  Resistance = Opportunity
–  Stop Creating Resistance
–  Meeting Verbal Resistance
–  Go & Find Out

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Practice and Watch
–  Resistance Role Plays

Module 6

Do We Agree?

–  Closing = New Relationship
–  Customer Retention
–  Reading Buying Signals
–  Asking for Action

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Study your Selling Technique
–  Closing Role Plays
–  Responding to Closure Signals

Get that Sale!

Final Evaluations

Overview of Results Achieved

Weekly or Final Report

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