Time Management And Communication Programme

Course Duration: Six Weeks
(inclusive of an introductory session)

Learn to increase employees’ productivity through effective time management techniques. Discover the methods of planning and scheduling that result in doing more with less time. Once you are in control of your time, learn the ability to communicate clearly in all situations (non-conflictual and conflictual) with your colleagues as well as your external customers.

Module Overview

Module 1

Time Management

– Value of Time
– Present Situation
– Poor Time Management
– Self-growth from Time Management
– Time Is Money – Invest It

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Key Areas of Responsibility
– Daily Record of Time Use
– Time Management Questionnaire
– Goal Plan

Module 2


– 80/20 Principle
– Planning and Prioritisation
– Time Savers
– Meeting Deadlines
– Knowing What to Do Next

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Summary of Time Use
– My Ideal Time Plan
– Attitudes I Need to Change
– Goal Plan

Module 3

Teamwork &

– Teamwork
– How to Communicate
– Three Types of Communication
– Tools to Communicate
– Key listening Skills

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Listening Skills
– Communication Obstacles
– Goal Plan

Module 4

With Clients

– Dealing with Clients
– Verbal Communication
– Written Communication
– How to Ask for Payment

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Five Examples Verbal Communication
– Five Examples Written Communication
– Goal Plan

Module 5

When Things
Go Wrong

– Being a Step Ahead
– Accountability
– Breaking Bad News
– Meeting Verbal Complaints
– Addressing Written Complaints
– Big Picture

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Summary of Worst Case Scenarios
– New Reaction
– Role Plays
– Goal Plan

You Are Good
To Go!

Final Evaluations

Planning for the Future

Weekly or Final Report

Cause & Effect Time Management and Communication Course

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