Selling Every Day

Course Duration: Six Weeks
(inclusive of introductory session or one “recap” week if desired by participants)

This course is for everyone! You should be able to sell your Brand whether you are a receptionist, an accountant or a driver. The course is designed to ensure that you have an in-depth knowledge of the product you are selling and who you are selling to. It helps to answer questions such as “Who is buying from you?”, “What are they buying?” and “Why do they buy it?”.

Module Overview

Module 1

Understanding Sales

What is a Salesperson?

– Why People Buy – AIDA
– Product Knowledge
– F.A.B.

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– My Wheel of Skills
– Self-Analysis
– Room for Improvement

Module 2

What Does Your
Company Offer?

–  Delivering a Value Proposition
–  F.A.B. Process Understood
–  Why Your Company? (Company Differentiators)

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  F.A.B. Process Review
–  Comprehension Check
–  Differentiators Worksheet
–  Performance Test

Module 3

Who Are
Your Clients?

– Existing Clients – ICP
– Developing existing business
– What to look for in new clients
– How to prospect

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Write Down Your Company ICP
– Develop Existing Business
– Three New prospects

Module 4

What To Do Next?

– Resistance = Opportunity
– Answering With Questions
– Getting Help From Experts

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Practice Your Questions
– Resistance Role Plays

Module 5

Get An Agreement

– What is an Agreement?
– Reading Buying Signals
– Asking for Action
– Yes … What Next?

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– What is an Agreement?
– Reading Buying Signals
– Asking for Action
– Yes … What Next?

You Are A

Final Evaluations

Planning for the Future

Weekly or Final Report

Cause & Effect Selling Everyday Program

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