The Great Manager Programme

Course Duration: Eight Weeks
(inclusive of introductory session or one “recap” week if desired by participants)

This course will fully equip you with all the necessary tools to become an effective manager. Key result areas include awareness, time management, planning, delegation, communication, motivation and decision making amongst others.

Module Overview

Module 1

Management Awareness

– Today’s Manager
– The Threat of Traditional Managers
– The Cost of Not Managing People
– Create Change

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Key Result Areas/Six Tasks
– Organisation Vision and Goals
– Self-Development Questionnaire
– My Life Goals

Module 2

Time Management & Prioritising

– Value and Importance of Time
– Where Does Time Go?
– Improving your time management

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Self-Development Questionnaire/Goals
– Time Summary – Key Areas of Responsibility
– My Ideal Time Plan

Module 3

Planning as a Leader

– Planning – SMART goals
– Becoming more creative
– The planning process – 7 steps

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Business Goals
– Personal Goals
– Measuring and Tracking
– Goal Plan

Module 4


– Attitudes to effective Delegation
– Trust and Control
– Positive and Negative Development

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Overcoming Blocks to Delegation
– Feedback Evaluation
– Delegation Form
– Goal Plan

Module 5

Communication & Accountability

– Communication the Right Way
– Key Listening Skills
– The Manager’s Communication Tools

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Listening Skills
– Communication Obstacles
– Meeting Skills

Module 6

Motivating Staff & Team Building

– The Manager’s Role in Motivating
– Dealing with an Individual or a Group
– Establishing a Satisfactory Climate of Work
– The Basic Theories of Motivation

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Motivation Understanding
– Survey on Four Staff Members
– Goal for this Month & next Month

Module 7

Decision-Making & Problem Solving

– Decision Making in Management
– Dealing with Problems and Being Effective

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Solving a Real Problem
– Goal Plan

You Are A Great Manager!

Final Evaluations

Overview of Results Achieved

Weekly or Final Report

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