Management &
Basic Leadership Programme

Course Duration: Six Weeks
(inclusive of introductory session.)

Anyone who manages people should be on this course! It equips any manager with all the basic tools to manage effectively and get the best out of their team using time management, internal communication, delegation, conflict management and many more.

Module Overview

Module 1

How Can You
Manage Your Time

– The Value of Time
– Poor Time Management Checklist
– Planning & Prioritizing
– How to Save Time

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Weekly Time Sheet
– Time Management Quiz No.1
– Time Management Quiz No.2
– Attitudes I need to Change
– Important/Urgent Matrix

Module 2

Your Time Vs
Everyone Else’s

– Time Leverage
– Delegation – Common Fears
– 6 Levels of Delegation
– How to Avoid Micro-Managing

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Delegation Tasks List
– 3 tasks to Delegate

Module 3

As A Manager

– Accountability
– Leading The Way to Effective Communication
– Types of Communication
– Key Listening Skills

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Communication Skills Quiz
– Listening Skills Quiz
– Behaviour Change Management

Module 4

Discipline & Praise:
The Right Balance

– 6 Steps of Discipline
– When You Have to Let Someone Go
– Why Praise?
– How to Praise?
– The McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Review Your Personnel Files
– Praise in Public & Discipline in Private…
– Behavioral Style: Who Are You?

Module 5

What Makes A Good Leader?

– Who Do You See?
– What Is Emotional Intelligence?
– Leader – Mentor

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Align Your EI to Your Work Models
– What Are Your Leadership Strengths?
– What Do You Want to Work On Next?

Manage Your

Final Evaluations

Overview of Results Achieved

Weekly or Final Report

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