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At Cause and Effects, we offer a full complement of courses that cover all the key performance areas that are necessary for your employees to achieve effectiveness and productivity to deliver a profitable outcome for your company.

Cover your bases…

Collect your Money - Five Modules

  • How to communicate with the client to get him to pay on time
  • How to handle difficult situations and conversations when the client is angry
  • What is a bad debt (debtor days)
  • Collection Policy

Chinese Business - Four Modules

  • Understanding Chinese business practices
  • How to negotiate with Chinese business counterparts
  • Chinese social and entertainment rules

A Great Receptionist - Five Modules

  • Job description
  • Internal Communication or how to be the link between customers and colleagues
  • How to be polite and welcoming on the phone and face-to-face with external customers
  • How to master the right tone of voice & body language

Presentation, Communication & Speeches - Six Modules

  • Know your audience
  • Be an excellent story-teller
  • Look confident (fake it until you make it)
  • Be inspiring & uplifting
  • Body language & tone of voice

Conflict Management - Five Modules

  • Active listening skills
  • When to intervene or not
  • Five specific approaches to conflict
  • Getting to collaboration

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence - Four Modules

  • What is EI
  • Why is it more important than IQ
  • How to use it and improve it

Time Management - Five Modules

  • How do you spend your day
  • No more distractions/interruptions
  • How to control your time
  • Planning and Goal Setting

How to Run a Healthy Partnership (Friends/Family) - Five Modules

  • Business vs Family relations
  • Good business practices
  • When the lines are blurry
  • When things go wrong

How to Delegate - Four Modules

  • Fields of responsibility
  • Prioritising (Levels of delegation)
  • Delegating to the right person the right task

HR & Performance Management

  • Collaboration with HR department/MD/GM
  • How to performance manage your employees

SWOT Analysis Session - Half Day

Where Is Your Business Going? (Strategic Session) - Full Day, 2 Days

Team Building Sessions

Management Coaching - Weekly

Sessions to teach managers healthy management practices

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