Communication &
Customer Care

Course Duration: Six Weeks

Tending to customer relationships is one of the most fundamental roles of each and every employee, not matter the type of business. The basis of all good relationships is the ability to communicate clearly in different situations.

Benefits include:

  • Board Facilitations,
  • Improved staff-client relationships,
  • Improved team relationships (leading to a better bottom-line),
  • Reduced conflict and stress,
  • Better sales,
  • Increased productivity.

Module Overview

Module 1

Team Work &

–  Communication Skills
–  Listening Skills
–  Communication Obstacles
–  Internal Communication Goal

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Communication Skills
–  Listening Skills
–  Communication Obstacles
–  Internal Communication Goal

Module 2

With Clients

–  Dealing with Clients
–  Verbal Communication Etiquette
–  Written Communication Etiquette
–  How to Ask for Action

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Three Examples
Verbal Communication
–  Three Examples
Written Communication
–  External Communication Goal

Module 3

The Basics Of Caring

–  What Do People Want?
–  Greet & Meet
–  Pay Attention
–  Behavioural Styles

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Past Verbal Greet & Meet
New Meet & Greet
–  Modes of Greetings
–  Three Examples Bad Experience
–  Basic of Caring Goal

Module 4

Go The Extra Mile

–  How to Exceed Expectation
–  Don’t Call me, I will Call You
–  Satisfaction Guaranteed
–  What Else?

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Five Examples of Personal Excellence
–  Five Examples of External Service
–  Exceed Expectation Goal

Module 5

When Things
Go Wrong

–  Being a Step Ahead
–  Accountability
–  Breaking Bad News
–  Meeting Verbal Complaints
–  Addressing Written Complaints
–  Big Picture

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

–  Three Most Common Complaints & Solutions
–  Letter Accepting Complaint
–  Letter Rejecting Complaint

No More

Final Evaluations

Planning for the Future

Final Report

Cause & Effect Communication & Customer Care

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