Advanced Selling

Course Duration: Six Weeks
(inclusive of introductory session or one “recap” week if desired by participants)

This course will provide you with the necessary tools to make informed decisions during a sale. It gives you all possible scenarios that you are likely to face in the selling process and helps you to come up with solutions and answers tailored to that scenario. This course is a continuation of the Professional Sales Programme and tackles various additional topics that Professional salespeople will face throughout their career.

Module Overview

Module 1

How To Deal With
Price Resistance?

– What does Price Mean?
– Price Objection = Opportunity
– Fear of Resistance
– It’s Over

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– How is your Product Priced?
– What is your Favourite Product?
– What is your Worst Product?
– Examples of Price Resistance
– Goal Plan
– Module Review

Module 2

How To Win Back
Old Customers

– Lost Client = Lost Cause?
– Client Defection Reasons
– Steps to Win them Back
– Just ask!

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Identify your Lost Clients
– Analyse Reasons for Defection
– Call them!
– Goal Plan
– Module Review

Module 3

When To Walk Away

– What is a Bad Client?
– How to Negotiate Without Giving in
– How to Walk Away

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– What is your ICP?
– What are your Boundaries?
– Examples
– Goal Plan
– Module Review

Module 4

Strings Attached
To Sales

– What is a Bribe?
– Gift vs Bribe
– Company Policy
– Just say “No”

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Past Incidents
– Alternatives
– Goal Plan
– Module Review

Module 5

Get An Agreement

– What is an Agreement?
– Reading Buying Signals
– Asking for Action
– Yes … What Next?

Think Tank: Let’s Practice

– Study your Selling Technique
– Selling Role Plays
– Responding to Closure Signals

No More

Final Evaluations

Planning for the Future

Final Report

Certificate Presentations

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